Where it all began…

Our farm has always been a mixed grain and cattle operation. Kyle graduated in 2006, and he made the decision to make farming his life as well. But he had a stipulation – he wanted to raise purebred Red Angus cattle and sell purebred bulls. We were really happy he wanted to farm with us, so after a lot of thought and planning Anchor 1 Angus was formed.

We had used Red Angus bulls for many years and really liked the calving ease and vigor in the new born calves. We were so impressed with the offspring. No more horns, virtually no calving problems, smart high vigor calves, beautifully uddered  females, great mothers and extremely extended years of productivity in the cows themselves are all reasons we are glad we made those decisions.

Our Operation

  • A Bit of History

    We are a fourth generation farm family and very proud of it! Our farm was originally homesteaded by Ralph’s Grandfather Bill and his wife Erna in 1927. This farm was a way of life for Ralph’s mom and dad, Frank and Fern, then Ralph and Karen and their children (and not grandchildren).

    In 2027 our farm will receive the Alberta Century Farm award, in recognition of farm families who have owned and operated the same land for 100 years. We are very proud to have both Kyle and Jacqueline as well as Shane and Amanda to continue on as the fourth generation to farm and keep our love of the land and animals alive.

  • Our Cowherd Today

    We calve out 430 cows with 400 of those being registered. We sell between 60 and 70 yearling Red and Black Angus Bulls and 15 2-year-old bulls at our annual sale.

Our Mission

Our main priority is to provide the best in genetics to our commercial and purebred customers come sale day. If problems arise, we are easy to talk to and strive to keep our bull buyers happy as our main goal. Customer satisfaction and repeat buyers are what drive us as seedstock providers.

We cull heavily for good feet, good udders, disposition and longevity. Also, of utmost importance is calving ease, style and phenotypic correctness. We want to sell calving ease bulls with style, muscle, hair growth and strong maternal genetics.

We are careful not to overfeed as we want our bulls to be in near perfect breeding condition come sale day, so they can get the job done.

A Tribute to Ralph

In 2015 when Ralph’s heart began giving him trouble our son-in-law Shane became a part of Anchor 1 Angus. We are thankful as he has stepped in and helped Kyle to carry on the family farm. Ralph would be very proud of them both because they have had a lot to learn over the past year, and they have not let us down.

We are also very fortunate to have our son Kevin, our daughter Tenielle and their families who are always there to help out when we need them. Along with other family members and good friends who come to help us when things get busy, we are blessed and grateful for all the support.